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WOSPAC BCN offers the most complete and valuable option for football students coming from all over the globe. To our students we offer a unique residence equipped with: accommodation, restaurant, medical clinic, academic center, gym, swimming pool, football pitch, so on. We are offering a precious location where you can live, make friends, study and share with other people your life.

To make sure that you won’t miss anything, included you have a weekly cleaning service and change of the bed sheets, water and energy bills, laundry service and free access to all the facilities above mentioned. Furthermore, heating and Wi-Fi are included too.

All the rooms inside the residence are double, they are provided with natural light and they are equipped with all the necessary furniture needed to make the residence as comfortable as possible. Our philosophy priorities the well-being of our students, since our main goal is to make them feel like at home.

At WOSPAC BCN, we highly value the research of the perfect roommate, based on the age, hobbies and interests and studies. Our International residence provide the best facilities, surrounded by a multicultural environment, which boosts the personal development of each individual living in the residence

WOSPAC BCN is an international residence that offers the perfect place for international students in one of the best areas of Barcelona. The remarkable amount of high-quality facilities, a favorable and safe environment linked to attention and quality make our residence the ideal place to stay.

The rooms inside the residence are equipped with all the necessary in order to make sure that our students won’t miss anything: heater, air conditioning, mini fridge, bed, desk, wardrobe, shelves, weekly cleaning service and bed sheets change, and laundry service (three times per week). Toilets and showers are located in the same floor and they are shared with the other residents.

The residence also offers a common room, TV, projector, shared PlayStation, study room. All the areas within the residence are covered by free Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, WOSPAC BCN provides a surveillance service 24 hours per day 7 days per week.


Inside the residence there is a restaurant where menus are adapted to the seasonal period of the year and based on the necessity of each person, in order to offer a healthy and balanced diet. We offer different types of services based on the necessity: accommodation and breakfast; half pension or full pension.