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600 hours




The Football Middle Degree, knows in Spain as level 1 and level 2, is an official academic degree approved and regulated by Royal Decree 320/2000, of March 3 and, Royal Decree 1913/1997, of December 19.

The completion of this middle degree, gives rise to obtaining the official title of Football Middle Degree or Sports Technician in football, official qualification of the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION of Spain.

WOSPAC and the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION of Spain seek to professionally train the maximum number of football coaches with the necessary knowledge to train athletes in public and private entities throughout Spain.

Obtaining the middle degree will allow you to work professionally as a football coach, and be able to access the football higher degree (meeting the access requirements). You can also work in Schools and sports initiation centers, Sports clubs and associations, Sports federations, Sports patrons, Sports services companies, School centers (extracurricular activities).


At WOSPAC we work so that you have the best tools to train you as the football coach of the future. Our middle degree takes place in Cornellá de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain), and has a total of more than 600 teaching hours (25% more than any other educational center). In the WOSPAC football middle degree, 50% of the teaching hours are practical and are held in our high-performance sports center, and in the teams of the UECornellà of Barcelona (a referent club in Spain in the training of young football players).

The subjects that will be carried out are the following: Anatomical and physiological bases of sport I, Psycho-pedagogical bases of teaching and training I
Sports Training I, Sociological foundations of sport I, Organization and legislation of sport I, First aid and hygiene in sport I, Theory and sociology of sport I, Professional Development I, Team Management I, Football teaching and training methodology I, Physical Preparation I, Game rules I, Sports Safety I, Tactic and game systems I, Individual and collective technique I, IT I, English I, Sport for the disabled I, Professional practices I.

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