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1500 hours




WOSPAC and the University of UCAM present you the Master of High Sports Performance, where you can train in the world of high competition. We recommend that you train in the world of high competition with WOSPAC, University of UCAM and UECornellà de Barcelona, and we guarantee that you will learn everything you need to work in professional teams around the world.

You will learn to plan, evaluate and develop high-level teams and players of all ages. You will apply the correct methods, strategies, techniques and methodologies in each stage of the formation of these teams and players. It is all very simple if you know how to do it and someone teach you in a theoretical and practical way to do it. WOSPAC provides you with the tools for your way to success.


At WOSPAC we work so that you have the best tools to train you as the football coach of the future. The WOSPAC Master of High Sports Performance at the University of UCAM is carried out ONLINE, the theoretical training, and in a PRESENTIAL way in Cornellà de Llogragat (Barcelona, Spain), the practical training.

The WOSPAC Master of High Sports Performance has a total of more than 1,500 teaching hours (25% more than any other educational center) and is approved by the University of UCAM with an equivalence of 45 ECTS credits. The WOSPAC High Performance Sports Master allows you to do 50% of the teaching hours in a practical way in the WOSPAC high performance sports center and in the high-level teams of the UECornellà of Barcelona (a referent club in Spain in the training of young football players).

The index of the subjects that will be carried out are the following: Introduction to football, Important concepts of the game, Keys of a football team, Game form and style, The positional game, The game system and its importance, The defensive style and behavior after recovery, The management of a team, Competences and knowledge of a coach, The keys of a coach, Implement a work style within a club, Final work.

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